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ISO Shipping Containers

Container lifespan

Containers are built to be robust and durable since they can be exposed to all environmental conditions, from tropical to sub-Arctic.

They also offer a low-cost alternative to facility resource issues, whether for in-situ applications or for modular, mobile structures, suitable for any environment.

This makes them ideal as secure and rugged enclosures for equipment and facilities to be used in highly-mobile technological support roles.

Container Structure

Typically ISO shipping containers are made from COR-TEN or ‘Weathering steel’, which due to its chemical makeup is particularly resistant to corrosion, compared with other steels. A stable layer outer layer of rust is allowed to develop to form a protective coating. The container walls and roof are made from corrugated steel sheets. The flooring is usually constructed from multiple layers of protection-treated wood, which is very durable and can be easily replaced if required.

Additional features can include:

Forklift pockets which are set to the side under the body and allow safe pick up and transport via a forklift truck. 
Gooseneck tunnel provides additional guidance for transport of a gooseneck chassis
Corner Castings are fitted to allow easy stacking and loading

Standard dimensions for shipping containers are 20ft in length, 8ft in width and 8ft 6in high.

The re-use of ISO containers is a recognised environmentally-friendly way to recycle these units by extending useful lifetime. GSE are specialists in converting ISO containers for a variety of purposes, from site offices through to laboratories, First Aid units or power stations. Container conversion examples.

The lifetime of a typical container will span from between 10 and 15 years depending on its usage, with around 56% of its lifetime spent either idle or repositioned as the diagram below illustrates.

The lifetime of a typical container is illustrated below.

ISO Container example

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