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The GSE Service

The ISO shipping container offers a readily available, cost-effective resource for design modification and re-use.

They are also, however, subject to potential damage at all stages of loading, unloading, shipment and handling, so the modifications must be done in a reliable way that considers all possible loading and handling scenarios.

GSE has experience in the provision of ISO container conversions to suit high-tech resource applications, along with first-hand knowledge in the preparation and implementation of the functional performance, quality, reliability and safety requirements generally accepted throughout the aerospace industry sectors.

We will apply this experience to ensure a safe and reliable design.

The scope of application for these conversions is vast, from secure storage and transport solutions, overspill workshops and assembly and test areas to manned control rooms and site support modules.

GSE provides containers to meet any role, in any environment, fully certified and purpose-converted to the Customers' specific needs.

GSE offers enabling services to high-tech industry to maximise the utilisation potential of converting ISO containers to a wide range of applications.

All modifications and installations are manufactured and finished in compliance with BS EN standards for fabrication and electrical circuits, plus a commissioning test to verify the reliability of the conversion to meet the requirements.

All drawings and test certificates are provided, with operating and maintenance manuals for appliances and facility.

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